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The History of the Hair Bun

Exuding an image of sophistication and elegance yet replete with the simplicity and warmth of home, the bun is one of the most iconic hairstyles in the world with a history that stretches back centuries. Although it is difficult to ascertain exactly where it originated, the bun was known in various cultures including the ancient Greeks, Polynesians, Chinese, and Koreans. Perhaps surprisingly, the bun was also popular among men and was considered a symbol of marriage (among the Koreans), or as a means to support a Samurai helmet (among the Japanese). The ancient Greeks wore the bun in much the same way as it is worn today, with jewellery or flowers used as adornments, while in the royal courts of the Renaissance period the bun was a typical hairstyle for dancers and stage performers.


Coconut Oil

Why You Should Keep Coconut Oil in Your Washroom

Coconut oil comes with an array of everyday uses; from adding it to your meals to making it a part of your homemade beauty creations, the possibilities with coconut oil are endless.

Coconut oil is not only good for (your) health, it has a lot of other benefits as well. Did you know that it can be a great addition to your washroom as well? Without any exaggeration, it can perform a key role in your beauty products. This is an all in all product that can be used from moisturising your skin to removing your makeup. But that’s not just about it, there’s more to this wonder oil. In this article, we will give you several reasons for why you should keep a jar or bottle of coconut oil in your washroom.