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History of Synthite

Synthite is the world’s largest value-added natural ingredient company with a soul. Synthite is all about mindful living helping people make conscious choices to live a far superior life in terms of quality. Synthite’s aim has always been to develop innovative and natural products. Synthite beliefs in a perfect blend of traditional wisdom from around the world with the most scientific techniques.

Brand Philosophy

Vieda embodies the new age approach towards wellness. It takes the hidden secrets rooted in our tradition and blends them seamlessly with science. It’s this synergy, that makes Vieda stand out. We believe in holistic wellness and want to create products with natural ingredients by employing scientific processes that make them of impeccable quality. We have taken tradition ingredients from around the world and added to their strength with the most scientific techniques. Conscious living is what drives us and forms the core of every product that Vieda creates.

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Intergrow Brands Pvt Ltd.
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