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Revival begins with Vieda

For years, Synthite has been the world’s largest value-added natural ingredient company with a soul rooted in conscious living. By taking forward this ethos, we present to you, Vieda. Personal care products ranging from soaps to hair oil, Vieda is the perfect synergy of scientific innovation and traditional learnings. Filled with rare natural ingredients, here’s a brand that takes care of you and bestows you with all things good. It’s time to embrace Vieda, it’s time to usher in this beautiful change into your life and let its magic unfold.

For your overall well-being, we have delved into nature to find rare and exotic ingredients from around the world to help you rejuvenate.

Virgin oils from around the world

The answer to numerous hair problems, from hair thinning to hair fall and dryness, Virgin Oils help nourish and energise your hair and scalp.

Herbs and virgin oils

Natural ingredients like Tulsi, Bringha Raja, Virgin Coconut Oil and Sesame Oil for long lustrous hair.

Rare natural and exotic ingredients

Red Hibiscus, Blue Pea, Sea Buckthorn, Moringa in our range of glycerine and cream soaps for ultimate moisturization and rejuvenation.

Because your skin needs the best

To find answers to your skin’s overall well-being, we have delved into nature. In nature we have found rare and exotic ingredients from around the world to help you rejuvenate. With a range of spa essentials, glycerine, and cream soaps, our range of soaps are here to keep your skin nourished.

Vieda is the coming together of traditional ingredients from around the world that have been better with scientific formulation. Every product aids in your rejuvenation, thereby helping you in nourishing your life from every aspect.

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